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Artist Aimee Davidson and daughters

My name is Aimee Davidson and I am a proud mother of two beautiful young ladies 7 and 14 years old. In my career, I have been blessed to work at the largest Community Behavioral Health Center in the state of Kentucky caring for the states most vulnerable individuals. My love for painting began in September 2017 when I joined Margaret’s art studio with the purpose of tapping into my creativity and trying something new. I had never picked up a paintbrush but quickly realized that I had potential. I have learned a variety of skills in Margaret’s class and have truly enjoyed working with a wonderful group of artists that I now consider friends. I currently work with oil paintings, and enjoy painting flowers, animals, and portraits.

Aimee Davidson with painting of CallaMy most recent portrait holds a special place in my heart. The painting is called “Fly High Calla”. Calla’s family is a part of my church community. In 2019 Calla was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer that ended her life eight weeks later, just short of her 10th birthday. Their story was well known in our community, and inspired many all over the world. The love this family has for the Lord helped deepen my faith along with so many others. This family, through suffering and fear, chose to continue to love and trust, and their faith never wavered. I painted this picture for the family to remember their beautiful daughter, knowing that she is no longer in pain and with her King.

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