Spotlight on Barbie Horton

About the Artist

Student enjoying painting

A native Floridian, Barbie was raised on the Gulf of Mexico.  Her work is an expression of her affection and appreciation for the simple beauties of nature.  Nature’s gifts are reflected in all her paintings.  Water, animals, floral and plant life are a great source of comfort and inspiration for Barbie.  The warmth in her art is created with many value changes and touches of the earth tints to bring interest and movement.  Barbie’s realistic style shows her desire to bring nature alive in her oil and acrylic paintings.

Barbie started studying with Mary Louis Schrodt Art, Louisville, Ky. in early 1990’s and continues to work during the summer with Margaret Howard in Louisville, Kentucky.  She also paints in Florida during the winter.

She shows her work on Instagram and in Art Shows in Florida.

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"Derby Winners" Velazques and Gomez

"Jockies"   - Sold

"Infield"  - Sold

"Indian Rodeo"

"Lucky in Love"   -Sold

"4W Ranch"   -Sold

"The Winner"

"Off to the Races"

"Mumsey's Cow"  - Sold

"Asiatic Water Lily"


"Triptich: Flower"

"Orchidee I"   -Sold

"Orchidee II"   -Sold

"Jolies Fleurs"

"Flower Abstract"   - Sold

"la Pera"

"Shark Attack"


"Ladies of the Rice Paddie"

"Triptich: Water Lily"


"Pebble Beach"

"Mangrove Garden"  -Sold