Spotlight on Pris Chandler


About the Artist

A love of the garden from childhood was the inspiration for much of my work when I began painting in 1995. Nature will always be a primary subject but I love experimenting in abstract, mixed media and combinations of composition.

Places I have traveled and/or wanted to visit, and the myriad of stimulating images that have crossed my path will continue to provide an unlimited sources of motivation to create in our illuminating world.

I am very grateful for all my art teachers’ experiences along the way and especially to my current instructor, Margaret Howard, who never discourages me from painting out of the box!

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"Charlie Blue"

"Busted Bunny"

"Yew Dell"

"Gym on Beach"

"On the Shelf"



"Off the Page"

"Invitation to the Garden"

"The Red Lobster".

"Marion House"



"Aspects of Aspens" Triptych


"On the Bar Series"

"Caught in the Wind"

"Polar Slumber"

"Oxford Lane"

"Mama Mourning Dove"



"La gare"

"Orchid Series"

"Orchid Series" (continued)

"Kentucky Wildflowers"